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New England Taekwondo Championships

Congratulations to all CW Taekwondo Boston competitors and t.Bos Taekwondo Competition Team members for their performances at the New England Taekwondo Championships on Oct. 21, 2018, held at the Massachusetts! It was a great turnout with over 270 in attendance. Special thanks to all of the CW and t.Bos volunteers who donated their time to put on a great event for the community: Master Dan Chuang, Master Mike Harb, Master Anye Li, Tara Sarathi, Carissa Fu, Chris Lo, Andrew Mandelbaum, Kevin Lu, Joy Sun, Nick Bayhi, Manuel Guillen, Kristien Creamer, Danika Suggs, Caroline Donovan, Giovanni Offedu, Anne Brunelle-Willis Roby Bui, Sarita Koride, Ben Sachtler, Heleena Mathew, Jaroslaw Labaziewicz, Ashley Miranda, Ashley Wallace, Brendan Hone, Isaac Fenta, Ashish Banerjee, Sacha Le Page, Alki Iliopoaloa. Sean Park, and Preethi Raja Iyer.

Thanks also to tournament chairman Grandmaster Kwon, Master Jayne Kwon and Master Greg Kwon of of Kwon's Taekwon Do for putting on such a great event and to MIT Sport Taekwondo for graciously working to set up and take down the event. And as always, great to Grandmaster Han Don Cho of CW Taekwondo Headquarters in action at the event.


Yellow Belts

Gregory MacDonough (GOLD poomsae + GOLD sparring)

Green Belts

Sacha Le Page (GOLD sparring)

Alki Iliopoaloa (GOLD sparring)

Sean Park (GOLD poomsae + GOLD sparring)

Blue Belts

Preethi Raja Iyer (SILVER poomsae + SILVER sparring)

Red Belts

Justin Durand (GOLD Sparring)

Black Belts

Brendan Hone (GOLD sparring)

Isaac Fenta (GOLD poomsae + GOLD sparring)

Viet Nguyen (GOLD poomsae + GOLD sparring)

Ashish Banerjee (SILVER sparring)

Ashley Miranda (BRONZE poomsae)

Jarek Labaziewicz (SILVER Poomsae)

Youngseo Yi (GOLD Sparring + GOLD Poomsae)

Memie Osuga (GOLD Sparring + SILVER Poomsae)

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