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CW Taekwondo - Ithaca

​Website of Master Han Cho’s dojang in Ithaca, New York. Club founders spent time both at the Cornell club and the dojang when off campus.


World Taekwondo Federation

The World Taekwondo Federation. One of  the main TKD organizations in the world and the one with which we are affiliated.


The American branch of the World Taekwondo Federation.


This is the student club branch of the Taekwondo school where the founders of C.W. at Boston began their instruction and recieved their black belts.


Started by CWB instructor Daniel Chuang and MIT student Christina Park, the MIT club is a vibrant collection of undergraduate and graduate students who compete actively on the ECTC inter-collegiate circuit.

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Located on Manhatten’s upper West Side, and founded by Masters Sung Chul and Jun Chul Whang, co-founders of the CW club at Cornell University, this is one of the best places to practice sport and traditional Taekwondo in New York and in the US on the whole.


Active since 1987, the Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference offers a fun and intense team-oriented competition experience that features Olympic-style sparring and forms competition at all levels.


Dojang in Denver, Colorado, run by good friend and fellow CW/Cornell alumnus Master Bill Pottle.

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Founded by former National Champion and friend Kryia Gallagher, XCel Taekwondo is a top-notch training center located in Norwell MA.

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