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Mass State Championships - Adult Program Results

Congratulations to everyone who competed at MA States! It was the largest Massachusetts States for well over a decade and we were fortunate to have a well-run tournament (thanks to our team) and electronic scoring for both poomsae and sparring. For sparring, everyone from our school got to compete against someone new, which was awesome.

Below are the results for CW Adult Program members and members of the team who train with our competition workouts. If students also train with other programs, they are noted in parentheses.

Poomsae Results

Grace Hillaker - GOLD, 18-30 Yellow Belt Poomsae

Nouf Almutairi (Northeastern) - SILVER, 18-30 Yellow Belt Poomsae

Joan Koh - GOLD, 18-30 Green Belt Poomsae

Janice Tjeng - SILVER, 18-30 Green Belt Poomsae

Kanishka Singh - GOLD, 31-40 Green Belt Poomsae

Justin Durand - SILVER, 31-40 Green Belt Poomsae

Blake Mitchell - GOLD, 31-40 Blue Belt Poomsae

Nina Bili-Rossi - GOLD, 15-17 Red Belt Poomsae

Manon Jean - GOLD, 18-30 Red Belt Poomsae

Jeremy Suh - SILVER, 15-17 Individual Black Poomsae

Carissa Fu - GOLD, 18-30 Individual Black Poomsae

Hilary Monaco (West Side) - SILVER, 18-30, Individual Black Poomsae

Memie Osuga (Harvard) - BRONZE, 18-30, Individual Black Poomsae

Kevin Lu - GOLD, 18-30 Individual Black Poomsae

Isaac Fenta (MIT) - SILVER, 18-30 Individual Black Poomsae

Andrew Mandelbaum - BRONZE, 18-30 Individual Black Poomsae

Kevin Lu and Catherine Tong - GOLD, 18-30 Pairs Black Poomsae

Carissa Fu, Memie Osuga (Harvard) and Renee Zhao (MIT) - GOLD, 18-30 Team Black Poomsae

Hilary Monaco (West Side), Tam Nguyen (MIT) and Catherine Tong - SILVER, 18-30 Team Black Poomsae

Viet Nguyen (Kwon's) - GOLD, 31-40 Individual Black Poomsae

Ned Murphy - SILVER, 31-40 Individual Black Poomsae

Sparring Results

Grace Hillaker - GOLD, -53 kg Yellow 18-32 Sparring

Nouf Almutairi (Northeastern) - GOLD, -67 kg Yellow 18-32 Sparring

Janice Tjeng - GOLD, -67 kg Green 18-32 Sparring

Kanishka Singh - GOLD, -58 kg Green 18-32 Sparring

Justin Durand - GOLD, +87 kg Green 18-32 Sparring

Blake Mitchell - GOLD, +80 kg Blue 33-40 Sparring

Yeongseo Yi - GOLD, -59kg Black Junior Sparring

Jeremy Suh - SILVER, -59kg Black Junior Sparring

Noriko Aizawa (Tufts) - SILVER, -46kg Black 18+ Sparring

Julia Richieri (Tufts) - GOLD, -49kg Black 18+ Sparring

Carissa Fu - GOLD, -53kg Black 18+ Sparring

Catherine Tong - SILVER, -53kg Black 18+ Sparring

Memie Osuga (Harvard) - GOLD, -57kg Black 18+ Sparring

Chris Lo - GOLD, -63kg Black 18+ Sparring

Brendan Hone (Tufts) - BRONZE, -63kg Black 18+ Sparring

Seth Villaneuva (Harvard) - BRONZE, -68kg Black 18+ Sparring

John Lim (Harvard) - BRONZE, -68kg Black 18+ Sparring

Viet Nguyen (Kwon's) - GOLD, -87kg Black 18+ Sparring

Ned Murphy - SILVER, -87kg Black 18+ Sparring

Kenneth Jang - BRONZE, -87kg Black 18+ Sparring

Wesley Chen (Tufts) - BRONZE, -87kg Black 18+ Sparring

Jared Gall (Tufts) - GOLD, +87kg Black 18+ Sparring

Ned Murphy - SILVER, -80kg Black 33+ Sparring

Thank you to our amazing all-day volunteers, many of whom competed after working all day long: Tara Sarathi, Carissa Fu, and Richard-Duane Chambers scheduled hundreds of matches and divisions at the head table, Andrew Mandelbaum managed the whole tournament for sparring tech even when things started to go down. Kevin Lu, Oana Niculaescu, Renee Zhao, Isaac Fenta, Hilary Monaco, Manon Jean and Kristien Creamer helped to organize rings on the front lines as judges and ring managers. You guys were heroes and dealt with difficult situations all day long.

Thanks also to everyone who helped me coach: Master Mike Harb, Chris Lo, Dave Chan, Tara Sarathi, Carissa Fu. We had so many people out on the floor towards the end of the day and needed everyone's support!

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