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2017 Canada Open and President’s Cup

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the World Taekwondo President’s Cup in Las Vegas, NV and the Canada Open this month!

Kudos to Carissa Fu on receiving the Best Female Athlete Award! 

CW had a strong presence at both events and brought home some amazing results!

U.S. National Poomsae Team Trials 2015

August 7th-9th, 2015 – Colorado Springs, CO

Congrats to pair Dave Chan and Carissa Fu for placing second at the the national poomsae team at team trials this year! Because the 1st pair cannot go, they will be leaving for Mexico in two weeks for the Pan American Open to represent USA as the 1st Pair!

Also, another congrats to women’s team Carissa Fu, Miyako Yerick and Michelle Chen for qualifying for the national poomsae team at team trials this year! They will be leaving for Mexico in two weeks for the Pan American Open to represent USA as the Senior 1 Team!

Master Chuang & Carissa Fu Awarded National Honors

“With the stars of 2015 already making waves in this newest of new years at the US Open, we hope you won’t mind us taking a moment to announce and recognize those who, quite frankly, smashed 2014 into submission, demonstrating exceptional commitment, integrity and ability in the world of taekwondo.

We have awards for athletes and coaches of course, but USA Taekwondo traditionally also takes the time to recognize though who make the glory days possible – the referees, the volunteers, clubs, families and individuals who work tirelessly, and often largely unseen simply because they love taekwondo.

So join us as we congratulate the 2014 USA Taekwondo Award Winners – you are all awesome. And for those who were nominated but missed out don’t be too down, you were nominated for a reason – so make 2015 your year.”

– USA Taekwondo, Team USA

World Poomsae Championships 2014

Master Dan Chuang named 2014 Coach of the Year (one of two) by USA  Taekwondo

Carissa Fu named 2014 Female Poomsae Athlete of the Year

For further information, please read the original posting here!

World Poomsae Championships 2014

Oct. 30-Nov. 2, 2014
Aguascalientes, Mexico

The U.S. had one of the largest teams at the tournament – 48 unique athletes competing in a total of about 35 divisions, plus 4 national team coaches, one of which is our very own Master Dan Chuang. Master Chuang was assigned nine divisions to coach, including of course t.Bos/CW Boston athlete Carissa Fu, who is competing in arguably the most competitive and largest division of the tournament, the female individual division 18-30 years old.

Carissa  Fu competed on the last day of competition, in the largest division of the tournament, Female Individual Senior 1 (18-30 yrs), and she made history by earning a BRONZE medal the first medal of any kind for USA for this division.

Prelims (16 to 8 in Flight 1 of 2, 6th Overall): 7.88
Taeguek 8 ()
Taebaek ()

Semifinals (16 to 8, 6th Overall): 7.89
Final 1 (Quarters/Final 8 v. Egypt): 7.94
Final 2 (Semis/Final 4 v. Mexico): 8.08