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t.Bos Competition Team is a group of high level athletes and coaches from several schools in the Boston area that train together. Founded in 2001 by Coaches Dan Chuang and Chinedum Osuji, the group includes athletes from several schools, including CW Taekwondo, Xcel Taekwondo, MIT, Tufts, Harvard, and others. There are both elite sparring and poomsae athletes under this banner.

Since its founding, Coaches Fabio Takahashi and Mike Harb have joined Coaches Chuang and Osuji, providing their valuable insights and backgrounds as national team members and national team coaches. The group has a particularly international composition befitting Cambridge/Boston and the common language of sport, with members hailing from all over the world.

Notable former and current t.Bos team members include Olympian Chinedum Osuji (Trinidad and Tobago), World University Taekwondo Championships bronze medalist Liza Shakhnovich (USA), USA national sparring champion and current Jamaica national team member Jayson Grant, USA national poomsae team member Rene Chen, and USA collegiate national sparring champion and World Poomsae Championships bronze medalist Carissa Fu, among many others!

t.Bos Sparring and Poomsae team training are by invitation.  If you are interested, please email info@cwtkd.com for more information.

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Dan Chuang

– US National Poomsae Team Head Coach (2014-present)
– US National Collegiate Sparring and Poomsae Coach (2008-present)
– MIT Sport Taekwondo Head Coach

Chinedum Osuji

– Trinidad and Tobago National Team Coach
– 2007 Pan American Games Bronze Medalist
– 2004 Taekwondo Athens Olympian (Trinidad & Tobago)

Fabio Takahashi

– Jamaica National Sparring Team Head Coach (2012-present)
– US AAU National Team Member
– Brazil Junior National Team member

Mike Harb

– Tufts University Taekwondo Head Coach
– 6-time Australian National Team member
– 2004 Australian Olympic Team alternate

Athletes (Current & Former)

Carissa Fu

– 2014 World Poomsae Championships Bronze Medalist (Senior 1 Female Individual)
– 2014 US National Sparring Silver Medalist (-53kg)
– 2014 US National Collegiate Sparring and Poomsae Team Member (-53kg sparring, Mixed Pair)

Jayson Grant

– 2012-present Jamaica National Team Member, 2012-present
– 2009 US National Collegiate Taekwondo Sparring Team member  and US Pan American Taekwondo Championships Team Member (Middle)
– 2006 and 2010 US National Sparring Champion (light and welter)

David Chan

– 2014 US National Collegiate Mixed Pair Poomsae Team Member
– 2014 US National Championships Poomsae Bronze, 1st Pair

Craig Brown

– Jamaica National Team Member
– 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games Silver (middle)
– 2004 Olympic Games (Athens, Great Britain National Team)

Shelly Hall

– Jamaica National Sparring Team Member
– US National Sparring Champion (2012, -49kg)
– 2012 Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference All-Star

Aziz Abdellahi

– 2014 IT F World Cup Silver Medalist
– 2013 Boston International Taekwondo Championships Silver Sparring (welter)
– Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference All-Star

Chris Williams

– 2014 Boston International Taekwondo Championships Silver, Welter
– 2013 US Cup Gold Sparring (welter)
– 2012 US Open Bronze Medalist (middle sparring, black belt)

Matt Weinberg

– 2014 Boston International Taekwondo Championships Silver
– 2013 US Cup Silver Sparring Medal (bantam)
– 2012-2013 Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference All-Star

Tara Sarathi

– 2013 Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference All-Star
– 2013 Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference Student Leader Award

Kristina Lozoya

– 2013 US National Championships Sparring Bronze (heavy)
– 2012 US National Collegiate Taekwondo Championship Sparring Bronze (Heavy)

Chris Lo

– 2013 US Cup Silver Medal (feather)
– 2012 US National Collegiate Sparring and Poomsae Red Belt Champion

Rene Chen

– 2011-2012 US National Collegiate Poomsae Team Member (Female Individual, Pairs and Team)
– 2011 US National Team Poomsae Member (1st Individual)
– NCTA Athlete of the Year (2012)

Miyako Yerick

– 2012-2014 US National Collegiate Poomsae Team Member (Female Team)
– 2013 US National Poomsae Team Member (Female 1st Team)

Michelle Chen

– 2013-2014 US National Collegiate Poomsae Team Member (Female Team)
– 2013 US National Poomsae Team Member (Female 1st Team)

Brandon DeSouza

– 2011-2013 US National Collegiate Poomsae Team Member (Mixed Pair)
– 2013 US National Collegiate Poomsae Team Captain

George Panagiotakopolous

– 2013 ITF World Championships Silver Medalist

Anastasia Kazimirova

– 2011 US AAU National Championships
– 2010 US National Collegiate Bronze Medalist, Sparring (2010, feather)
– 2004 US Cup Team

Alicia Zhou

– US National Collegiate Poomsae Team and captain, 2009-2010 (pairs and female team)
– US National Collegiate Silver Medalist, Sparring (2007, fly)
– US National Collegiate Bronze Medalist, Sparring (2007, fly)

Bobby Ren

– 2009-2010 US National Collegiate Poomsae Team  (pairs both years and male team 2010)
– 2011 US Open Poomsae Bronze (Senior 1) – 2011
– 2005 Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference Male MVP (2005)

Richard-Duane Chambers

– 2010 National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships – Bronze Sparring (light)
– 2010 National Collegiate Poomsae Team – Men’s Team

Nathan Hanagami

– New England Championships Sparring Champion
– National Collegiate Forms Champion (2004, 2005)
– MIT Sport Taekwondo Coach

Amy Maillet

– 2006-2012 US National Sparring Team Trials (multiple times @ heavy)
– 2010 US National Collegiate Sparring – gold (heavy), team member
– 2005 US Open Bronze Gold Medalist

Fredson Gomes

– 2007 US National Collegiate Taekwondo, Gold Sparring (middle)
– 2005 US Open Bronze Medalist
– 2003 All-Africa Games Gold Medalist (Cape Verde)

Karolina Corin

– US Collegiate Taekwondo Poomsae Team, 2009 (female team)

Rebecca (Becca) Hung

– US Collegiate Taekwondo Poomsae Team, 2009 (female team)

Erica Chan

– 2007  National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships, Bronze, Fin Sparring
– 2006  National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships, Gold, Fin Sparring
– 2005-2006  National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships, Silver, Fin-Fly Sparring

Liza Shakhnovich

– 2006 US National Championships, Silver Sparring (welter)
– 2005 World University Games, Bronze Sparring (welter)
– 2003, 2005, 2006 US National Collegiate Sparring -Silver (welter)

Kathy Chuang (Chang)

– 2007 Collegiate Nationals Bronze , bantam sparring
– 2006 Collegiate Nationals Bronze , bantam sparring
– Harvard University Taekwondo Club co-founder

Richard Sinn

– 2006 Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference MVP, 2003-2005 Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference All-Star
– 2003  US National Collagiate Team Trials, 3rd (feather)
– 1999 US Junior National Team

Kyria Takahashi (Gallagher)

– 2005 US Open, Silver (middle)
– 2002 US National Championships, Silver (middle)
– US Junior National Team member

Christina Park

– Multiple US National Collegiate Team Member, two-time World Collegiate Bronze sparring (middle)
– 2005 US Open, Gold (middle)
– 2004 Pan American Taekwondo  Championships Bronze (middle)

Marc-Olivier Tschibelu

– 2009 DRC national team member, World Championships
– 2007 DRC national team member, World Olympic Qualifier
– 2002-2003 Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference  All-Star

Pano Giannakopolous

– 2005 US Open, Gold (bantam)

Marvin Flemming

– US National Ultra Division Sparring Gold Medalist

Sharif Okasa

Gideon Lin

Ji Bae

Sammy Yuen

Chris Tuozzolo

Adrian Johnson

Ben Watrous

Kristian Cibulskis

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