Dojang Cleaning Day

Hello everyone! A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped out on cleaning day Sun. The school looks great! With many hands, we did a tremendous amount of work that I think reflects the pride we have in our school. A big shout out goes to Bart who always goes above and beyond for the school.20120415_cleaningday

Thanks to: Bart G, Nam N, Krissie G, Alice K, Brad K, Joy S, Samia M, Agnieska R, Sharon T, Ezra, Adam K, Sean L, Dexter L, Chris L, Janine L, Tri N, Yasine, Chris W, Matt W, Dave C, Yasine, Chris W, Matt W, Dave C, Dan C, Kathy C, Elaine G

March 2012 Adult Promotion Test

Congratulations to all who tested last Saturday! We had a great test, featuring a spirited group of yellow belts and green stripes, a particularly massive group of green belts, and some sharp techniques form our more experienced members. The test was led off by Mike S, who tested for his 2nd Dan, showcasing come great double kicks and narabams, capping it off with a nice 3-board elbow strike and a 4-board back kick. Congratulations to all!

Promoted to the rank of Green Stripe, 8th Geup: Kenneth HLindsey MElijah T

Promoted to the rank of Green Belt, 7th Guep: Lam N

Promoted to the rank of Blue Stripe, 6th Guep: Tara BSean BTracie CCatherine FSara GAdam K,Yakun LYogi NTamar S

Promoted to the rank of Red Stripe, 4th Guep: Aaron HDesirae M

Promoted to the rank of Red Belt, 3rd Guep: Soraya BJoy SSharon T

Promoted to the rank of Black Stripe, 2nd Guep, Assistant Instructor: Elaine GBrian MMaureen S

Promoted to the rank of Double Black Stripe, 1st Guep, Black Belt Candidate: Sean L

Promoted to the rank of 2nd Dan Black Belt: Mike S

Poomsae Seminar March 10th, 2012

This seminar, like past ones, will feature several US National and Colleigate National team members, including Rene Chen, Bobby Ren, Alicia Zhou and others. The seminar will present new drills that build on those shown at previous seminars, although prior seminars are not a prerequisite.

All proceeds will go to support athlete travel and training through our non-profit school, C.W Taekwondo at Boston.

The cost of the seminar is $50 (national and collegiate national poomsae team members participate for free), and it will be divided into 2 parts:

Poomsae Seminar
March 10, 2012, Saturday,
1:30-4:30 pm – Adult and Children 9+, colored belts and black belts new to sport poomsae
4:30-7:30 pm – Adults and Children 9+, black belts familiar with sport poomsae

Poomsae Private Lessons
March 11, 2012
1 hour private sessions with US National Team Members Dan Chuang or Rene Chen available between 8 am and 11 am, email for details.

C.W. Taekwondo at Boston
285 Green St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

We have divided up the sections so that everyone will be able to receive a lot of personal attention, so you’ll get a lot of feedback over the course of the 3 hours.

December Adult Promotion Test

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic year and a great promotion test! I really enjoyed watching everyone test, especially our newest 2nd Dan black belts Dave and Josh. Also, it was wonderful to see the dojang transformed that night for the wonderful holiday party. Great job Joy and Desirae with among many other things, the first annual Chagi awards – they were certainly a lot of fun.2011-12-10-PromoTest Continue reading December Adult Promotion Test

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