Officers & Board Members

2017 Officers

President: Tara Sarathi

Tara SarathiTara is a Systems Engineer who works on a variety of cutting edge research and development projects. Outside of Taekwondo, Tara enjoys running, building devices with microcontrollers, and playing the bass guitar. She joined CW since 2012, and has been an officer since 2013.

Vice President of Operations: Elaine Grunberg

Elaine GrunbergElaine Grunberg is VP of Operations at CW, and has previously served as Assistant Treasurer. She is also an instructor with the CW Youth Program. Quickly hooked by her first few sessions of kicking with Master Harb, she began her formal taekwondo training at CW Boston in the spring of 2009, and recently earned her 2nd degree black belt. After careers in medicine, public health and parenting, she now likes to spend her time outside the dojang training her dog, traveling, and cooking.

Vice President of Events: Joy Sun

Joy SunJoy joined C.W. Taekwondo in 2010. Since 2011, she has served as the Club’s Vice-President of Events. When not kicking, Joy works as an enforcement attorney at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Boston.

Treasurer: Kevin Lu

Assistant Treasurer: Tamar Schanfeld

Marketing Director: Ashley Wallace

Ashley WallaceAshley Wallace is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who works with children with developmental disabilities. Outside of practicing taekwondo, Ashley loves to travel, go out to eat, and serve as the C.W. Marketing Director! She joined C.W. in taekwondo in 2014.

Assistant Marketing Director: Amanda Lansing

Amanda NevilleAmanda Lansing is an Environmental Scientist whose focus is on protecting the waterways and wildlife of the northeast. She enjoys being outside, traveling, and hopes to one day own a large property where she can adopt as many animals in needs of homes as she can! She has been with C.W. TKD since 2011 and has served as a volunteer officer since 2015.

Dojang Manager: Ashley Miranda

Ashley Miranda is a neuro(in vitro)scientist working in assay development at a local pharmaceutical company and has been a proud member of C.W. taekwondo since 2015. Outside of classes and practices she loves to travel, go dancing (or dance wherever who needs a defined ok space) and to cook.


Board Members

chuang profileDan Chuang is the head instructor of C.W. Taekwondo at Boston, and is one of the coaches of t.Bos Competition Team, the resident competition training program. Chuang has been a member the board of directors of the Boston Taekwondo Project since its inception. He has also served on the board of the Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference and is the Vice President of the National Collegiate Taekwondo Association. He has been a coach for the US National Collegiate Taekwondo team and the US National Poomsae Team. Chuang is a full-time engineering manager and holds bachelors and masters degrees from Cornell University in electrical engineering.

COSUJI_IMG_2165_croppedChinedum Osuji is a founding instructor at CW Taekwondo at Boston and has served continuously on the board of directors of the Boston Taekwondo Project since its inception in 1999. He competed internationally from 1997-2007 in the Welterweight division, and represented Trinidad and Tobago at the Athens Olympics in 2004 and the Pan American Games in 2007. He serves as a coach and trainer for current international competitors from his country. Chinedum Osuji completed undergraduate studies at Cornell Univeristy and doctoral work at MIT, in Materials Science and Engineering. He is currently an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Yale University.

tuozzoloChris Tuozzolo is one of the head instructors of Modern Taekwondo (, a Taekwondo school in Boston, MA. Tuozzolo was founder and director the Youth Program Director and was also a founding member of CW Taekwondo in Cambridge, MA. Master Tuozzolo serves as the staff Mechanical Engineer in the Atmospheric Research Project at Harvard University.

meOnCloudRipperMelinda Minear was one of the original founding members of C.W. Taekwondo at Boston. During her time in Boston, she. taught Taekwondo at both beginner and intermediate levels from 2000-2011. Minear is a full time software engineer with a bachelors in engineering physics from Cornell.

kristianKristian Cibulskis is a founding instructor at CW Taekwondo at Boston and has served continuously on the board of directors of the Boston Taekwondo Project since its inception in 1999. He has competed at the state and national level both during and after his undergraduate studies at Cornell University. His son now follows in his taekwondo footsteps as a student at CW Taekwondo at Boston. He currently works in genomics research at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

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