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2017 Canada Open and President’s Cup

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the World Taekwondo President’s Cup in Las Vegas, NV and the Canada Open this month!

Kudos to Carissa Fu on receiving the Best Female Athlete Award! 

CW had a strong presence at both events and brought home some amazing results!

Boston International Taekwondo Championships Results

Boston, MA June 4th 2016

A huge thank you to Master Fabio and Kyria Takahashi Takahashi for hosting this event.

CW Taekwondo took 3rd place in the tournament! Congratulations to all the competitors!

Chris Lo – Silver, feather black belt sparring
Julia Richieri – Silver, black belt fly sparring
Karin Wefald – Silver, black belt bantam sparring, finals black belt 18-30 poomsae
Matt Weinberg – quarters feather black belt sparring
Hilary Monaco – Silver, 18-30 black belt poomsae
Cat Tong – Bronze, 18-30 black belt poomsae
Dave Chan – Gold, 18-30 black belt poomsae
Andrew Hurd – Silver, 18-30 black belt poomsae
Kevin Lu – Bronze, 18-30 black belt poomsae
Kyle Rand – Bronze, 18-30 black belt poomsae
Andrew Mandelbaum – Finals 18-30 black belt poomsae
Brian Moll – Silver, 41+ black belt belt poomsae
Richard-Duane Chambers – Gold, heavy black belt sparring, Gold 31-40 black belt poomsae
Kenny DaCruz – Gold, black belt welter sparring, Gold black belt junior heavy sparring
Isaac Fenta – Gold, black belt welter sparring, Finals black belt 18-30 poomsae
Nick Bayhi – Silver, black belt heavy sparring

Also a huge thank you to the rest of the CW community for supporting and assisting with the tournament. It is the dedication and commitment of the entire team/club which makes us all successful!

Kathy Chuang
Mike Harb
Tara Sarathi
Chris Williams
Shelly Hall
Jayson Grant
Ashley Miranda
Julia Stevens
Joy Sun
Aziz Abdellahi
Aldo Spolaore
Charley Yan
Pulkit Jain

2016 Canada Open

February 11th-14th, 2016 Montreal Canada

Congratulations to the t.Bos Team & Friends at the Canada Open!

12669652_1122722917747208_8846658099420887165_n 12688022_1122722954413871_8485887728554406378_n 12733651_1125164764169690_7826519441609625362_n 12745912_1125164760836357_5188398226984987302_nIMG_5119

Jayson Grant (Jamaica) – SILVER, +87kg male
Carissa FU – QUARTERS, -53kg female
Chris Lo – RND16, -63kg male
Kenny DaCruz – RND16, -74kg male
Craig Brown (Jamaica) – RND16, -80kg male
Shelly Hall (Jamaica) – RND16, -49kg female
Julia Richieri – RND32, -53kg female
John Shin – RND32, -63kg male
Jeremy Suh – Bronze
Kai Sikora – Bronze

Carissa Fu – QUARTERFINALS, -53kg Senior
Andy Guatemala – RND16, -73kg Senior
Matt Weinberg – RND64, -63kg, Senior
Jayson Grant (Jamaica) – RND16, -87 kg Senior
Shelly Hall (Jamaica) – QUARTERFINALS, -49kg Senior
Craig Brown (Jamaica) – RND32, -80kg Senior

Renee Zhao, Hilary Monaco and Laurie Lai – SILVER, 18-29 Female Team
Dave Chan and Carissa Fu – BRONZE, 18-29 Mixed Pair
Carissa Fu – BRONZE, 18-29 Female Individual



The Big Reveal: Our First Promo Video!


At last, the project we are excited to reveal is our very first promotional video! Many years this project spent as a ‘future goal’. Countless efforts of brainstorming, team meetings, volunteer efforts and story boards. It was until recently we were able to see the project finally soar and take flight!

‘Sure, it’s just another video’ you say? We are a non-profit school that prides ourselves on community value. With a limited access to resources, but a full supply of determination and integrity from our community, were we finally able to make this project happen. We are only built by those around us. We are stronger – together. We are powerful – together. We are happiest – together.

We hope you enjoy the video.