Cardio Kickfit Instructors

Ned Murphy

Ned started taekwondo as a club sport in college, and practiced for three years before joining C.W. Taekwondo in July, 2012. Ned currently holds his first dan black belt in taekwondo,and also has experience in Heuk Choo Kwan Hapkido. Ned teaches Cardio KickFit classes, as well as serving as an assistant instructor for the adult taekwondo program.

Lara Hirner

Hi there! My name is Lara. I'm a feeding specialist by day, circuit fanatic and bosu ball enthusiast by...early evening. I've been training in Taekwondo at CW for 4 years and also enjoy yoga, biking, and outdoor sports. I love incorporating elements of balance into all of my classes. It's a commonly neglected area of health and fitness (especially as we age), and just as important, keeps our egos in check - it's so important to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, to risk falling on our butts or our faces, and being able to laugh it off! I believe we can get seriously in shape without having to be so darn serious all the time. I look forward to seeing you in class!

Amanda Lansing

Hi, I’m Amanda! I’ve been with Cardio KickFit for the past two years and began teaching a little over a year ago. I love helping other people get as excited about health and fitness as I am! My classes often combine techniques from taekwondo, yoga, and boot camp drills. My passion is helping people reach their goals and gain confidence along the way. Most importantly, I’d love for you to come have FUN with me!

Loren Shih

Hi, I’m Loren, I’ve been with Cardio KickFit since 2006 and started teaching for the program 3 years ago. My passion is for high-energy, aerobic workouts; I’ll get your heart rate up, and also take you through dynamic strengthening exercises on all your major muscle groups. In addition to cardio kickboxing experience, I have 30 years of training in various martial arts, which I apply to KickFit to ensure that not only are you learning proper technique, but the exercises are safe and practical. Stop by anytime, I’d love to see you in class! No experience is necessary, just come prepared to get a good workout and learn some cool new techniques.

Samia Majid

I’m Samia and I am an avid fan of being fit and active. I’ve been an instructor at Cardio KickFit for several years now and it’s an integral part of my weekly workout routine. I enjoy incorporating bodyweight and HIIT exercises as much as possible because I believe that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to be in the best shape of your life. And I also strongly believe that it’s never too late to learn or try something new!

Ashley Miranda

Hi, I’m Ashley, a local pharmaceutical scientist and C.W. Taekwondo pupil, who loves a good work out after a long day in the lab. I started instructing a few years ago as physical education teacher for grades K – 8 in a private school and have been a freelance coach and trainer for over 5 years. I enjoy foot-work related drills as they translate to more than just fancy feet, love to dance and bond through work outs with folks of all physical levels of fitness.

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